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Online Verification Services

The Identit-e online verification service can help you preserve channel integrity by ensuring that your discounted products or services are only sold to eligible customers. Our verification systems certify that users meet your unique eligibility requirements to qualify for product discounts or promotions. Whether you are a software publisher, manufacturer, retailer, or service provider, our custom solutions portfolio will enable you to:

  • Increase promotional sales without eroding commercial margins
  • Expand discounts and promotions through multiple sales channels
  • Regulate promotions by limiting ability of consumers to purchase multiple discounted products
  • Capture consumer demographic information to profile consumers and market directly to them

Consumer Groups

Identit-e validates:

  • Higher Education & K-12 Students, Faculty and Staff
  • Government Employees
  • Military Members
  • Nonprofit Employees
  • Promotional Consumers

Verification Solutions

  • Pre-Sale:  Verify eligibility as a part of your online check out process
  • Post-Sale:  Verify eligibility before a product can be activated or used
  • Subscription:  Verify eligibility for a specific subscription time period
  • Promotional:  Verify eligibility and/or proof of purchase to deliver consumer rebates, gift cards, or free goods with purchase

Identit-e Service Features

  • Customized validation requirement options to suit your specific programs
  • Seamless pre-sale checkout integration allowing users to validate through your consumer web site
  • Professional service levels, hosting and operations
  • Efficient, consumer-friendly process and customer service support
  • Global services supporting 100+ countries and 12 languages

For more information about Identit-e client services, please email us at solutions@identit-e.com.

Please Note: If you are a consumer trying to proceed with the eligibility verification process, for a product you purchased, you must type in the complete URL including the manufacturer's name. Please re-examine the URL on your product package for accuracy. (Example: http://identit-e.com/manufacturer)

For all questions related to your consumer eligibility verification request, please contact
our Customer Service team.